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Beijng architects MAD have designed a convention centre for Taichung, Taiwan.

The project will consist of a series of mountain-like buildings with pleated exterior surfaces, allowing natural ventilation and accommodating photovoltaic panels.

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The architects wanted to seamlessly integrate the topology of the landscape and the architecture.

Here are some more details from Mad: Đọc tiếp »



Danish architects C.F.Møller and Norwegian practice Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter have won a competition to design three office towers in Oslo.


Called Crystal Clear, the winning design features towers composed of consists of stacked glazed boxes. Đọc tiếp »



Mexican practice Rojkind Arquitectos have designed a house for Inner Mongolia, China, based on traditional cave dwellings.


Called Gimme Shelter, the residence is submerged in the ground to provide shelter from the harsh climate.


Rojkind Arquitectos designed the villa as part of the Ordos 100 project.


The architects are one of 100 firms selected by architects Herzog & de Meuron who have each designed a private residence for the project, which is masterplanned by the artist Ai Wei Wei.

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