The Great Indoors Awards 2007

Via the five winners of the Great Indoors Award 2007

Original Fake [Tokyo, Japan, 2006] by the Award winning Wonderwall Inc. portfolio.


Winners The Great Indoors Award 2007!

Saturday evening 17 November the winners of The Great Indoors Award 2007 were announced by member of the Jury Wiel Arets in a warm and lively atmosphere in the NAi Maastricht. Wonderwall was honoured with the award for Interior Design Firm of the Year, Zaha Hadid, Heatherwick Studios, Ryui Nakamura Architects and Item Idem carried away the other four of The Great Indoors Awards 2007. DJ’s Mr. and Mrs Cameron ensured a perfect musical setting for the

evening in the NAi, which continued until the small wee hours in bar Ipanema.

And the projects by the five winners of the Great Indoors Award 2007 are :

Award Winning Project: Bernhard Wilhelm, a Flagship store in Tokyo. [Tokyo,2006]

Item idem designed the Bernhard Willhelm flagship store in Tokyo for Bus Stop Co.

Award winning project: Jin’s Global Standard Nagareyama , an Optician in Chiba. [Chiba, Japan, 2006]

Ryuji Nakamura Architects designed Jin’s Global Standard located in Chiba, Japan for Jin Co. (images via architectural record by Daici Ano

Award winning project: R Lopez de Heredia winery [Haro, Spain, 2006], Visitor Centre, Tasting Room, Cellar in Haro.

Zaha Hadid Architects designed the Pavilion for the R. López de Heredia Viña Todonia winery located in Haro la Rioja in Spain for Vinatodina. Photo: Roland Halbe

Award winning project: East Beach Cafe [Littlehampton, England, 2007]

Heatherwick Studio designed East Beach Café located in Littlehampton on the English south coast for Brownfield Catering.

The Award winning portfolio includes five recent projects:
Hysteric Glamour [Tokyo, Japan, 2006], photo: Kozo Takayama

“BUSY WORK SHOP” ® [Hong Kong, China, 2006], photo: Kozo Takayama

Original Fake [Tokyo, Japan, 2006], photo: Kozo Takayama

Pierre Herme Paris [Tokyo, Japan, 2005], photo: Kozo Takayama

UNIQLO [New York, U.S.A., 2006], photo: Kozo Takayama


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